About Us

Squall + Frenzy is a young, dynamic and upcoming performance company that aims to capture human nature’s infinite potential for darkness and light. Challenging the performance space and the concept of liveness in a digitally manipulated society, the company’s aim is to blur the line between the audience and performers by constructing a unique theatrical fingerprint, utilising immersive theatre and magical realism. 


Influenced by theories of deconstruction (Jacques Derrida) and Theatre of Cruelty (Antonin Artaud), Squall + Frenzy are redefining Wagner’s concept of Total Theatre amidst the proliferation of screens existing in our heavily mediatised society. It’s a multi-disciplinary clash of artistic orchestrations that is as random as it is directed.  


Squall + Frenzy performances are a recipe of unashamedly political theatre, mixed with the flavour of neuroscience, served on a plate of multimedia space.


Come and experience a meal of post-internet outburst. 


Who are we?

Squall + Frenzy is an equal partnership. Company members:

Isabel Sensier

Creative Director,

Playwright and Producer

Ada Dodds

Co-Director and Performance Researcher

Nina Sidney

Wardrobe Mistress, Assistant Producer