"The power of this production comes as much from the inspired choice of setting as from the intensity of performance of the ten actors." - fringereview



“They still tell the stories.

About the blessed city.

That when the gods walked the earth they walked here in Troy.”


As the ashen remains of Troy settle, we follow the cruel fate of survivors, victors, extremists and slaves as they grapple with the realisation that their lives will never be the same. Amongst the debris, is anything concrete? Guilt, loss and blame merge as the smoke clears and destiny beckons.


FRAGMENTS OF A FALLEN CITY is an immersive performance in the cellars beneath The Regency Tavern, Brighton. This interactive production examines the collateral damage of war, the clash of cultures, the aftermath of imperialism and the human need to place blame, and is comprised of three short plays.


THE TROJAN WOMEN, is a politicised adaptation from Euripides’ classic tragedy by American playwright Ellen McLaughlin which reexamines the timeless sorrow and suffering of the victims of war. Inspired by the same mythology are two new plays;

HIPPOMANIA by Conor Baum, and HELEN, BOUND by Isabel Sensier (alumna of The Royal Court Young Writers Programme).

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