Join us for an evening of political Spoken Word and Theatre to raise money for Refugee Action's UK-Based Projects.

We will be performing three short-plays from The Possibilities by Howard Barker:

Only Some Can Take The Strain
The Weaver's Ecstasy at the Discovery of a New Colour
Kiss My Hand

These will be combined with political spoken word by our exciting line-up:

Chrysi de Milo - Soundcloud

Alice Denny - Youtube
Sophie Gaudin

Tickets (on door ) - £5
If you can't make it then please dontate via our JustGiving Page

“In our hearts we know that with a different fate, we too could be in the ranks of the dispossessed, stripped of our identities and belonging nowhere. The refugee becomes a sinister symbol of what can quickly happen once personhood is denied and people are transformed into disposable units of contemptible impediments to the greed or power-mongering of others.” - Dave Mearns

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