A tortured mind, a broken heart, a descent into insanity, jealousy and rage. Georg Büchner’s classic play Woyzeck, though written in 1836, remains an unflinchingly relevant commentary on society’s uncaring attitude towards poverty and the harsh reality of mental health problems.

"“Everyone’s an abyss, you get dizzy if you look down.”

The story of a man who, by the circumstances of his birth, is driven down the darkest path it is possible walk, all the while being fed the lie that turning aside is merely a matter of moral strength by those infected with the myopia of privilege.


An uncaring Doctor, a blustering Captain, a barbaric Drum Major,all blissfully unaware that their ignorance is directly responsible for Woyzeck’s sorry end. In this new, dreamlike adaptation, by turns bitterly tragic and absurdly comic, you will witness the unlovely fragments of a shattered life.

Dukebox Theatre, Brighton

7th - 13th May 2018, 5.40pm

Tickets £8/£6 Concessions

We are excited to create this new adaptation, written and directed by Chris Gates, using devising and extensive workshopping to find out who Woyzeck is today.

Performed in the round at Sweet Venues Brighton, Woyzeck will be a dark and confronting journey into the extremes of humanity.

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Robert Wallis

Verity Williams

Cyril Cotterell

Isaac Finch

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